For Innovators, Failure Must Be an Option

For some reason, a healthy percentage of folks believe that "failure is not an option."

If we are unable to fail at something, how can we hope to innovate at anything?

And besides, innovation is not a pass-fail course.  It is an interactive process in which we experience many small wins and successes long the way to discovering what really might be of value.

Here's my IGNITE Great Ideas talk (5 minutes) at Busboys and Poets, a great DC venue, recorded in late February this year.

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) sponsored this event for its Greater Washington Network and I encourage you to browse through some of the other talks on the YouTube channel.  Another round of IGNITE talks were offered at the Great Ideas Conference last month filling the room for both session time blocks.  Those also will be posted to ASAE's YouTube channel.

You can learn more about the IGNITE format here or a similar presentation format, Pecha Kucha, here.

Slides with narrative text for this talk are available here.

P.S.  I've submitted this talk to Ignite Google for consideration.  Nothing would thrill me more to be selected and once again don the priestly robes.


John Windsor said...

Wow, that was outstanding! Message and delivery was as good as I've seen (and I've seen LOTS). Congrats. It was a pleasure to see this (and even better to have been there)!

Bob said...

Awesome, Jeffrey! You have outdone yourself. Blessings, Bob