Leadership Limerick: No Guarantees for Change

Every Monday, I offer a leadership limerick, highlighting an idea or strategy about effective leadership in limerick form.

If you're looking for a sure guarantee
Of how things will turn out to be

Then you've limited the range
For the degree of your change

To exactly what you can now clearly see

We have to challenge ourselves—and the systems in our organizations—in new and different ways in order to grow, learn, develop, and expand our capabilities.

If you only run as fast as you can, you might never surpass your best time.

If you only lift the weight you know you can bench press, your muscles are never taxed.

If we know something can definitely be achieved, doing so is not going to challenge us to do things differently, to bring out an even better level of performance than what we think we are capable of producing. And very possibly, a change that we can definitely achieve may not be the one in which others seek to believe.

So if you need a guarantee that things will turn out right, instead of sticking with the completely known and the doable, calibrate your decisions to reduce some of the risk inherent in exploring the unknown.

But do stretch yourself and pursue the unknown.  The possibilities it offers may hold just the solutions you seek.

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