The One Question to Ask More Often

If my experiences of the 12 months are in any way representative of yours, all of us need to be asking one particular question much more often.

Too many meetings and too many conversations are producing less than desirable results because people lack clarity around the definition of success.

Should it be more obvious?  That doesn't make any difference.  It's not.

So let's start asking the one question that is likely to accelerate forward progress and internal satisfaction: what is it that we want to achieve here?


  The one question I'm being asked most often right now is: what's your schedule like the rest of the year?

Answer:  I have availability for about 10 more speaking or strategy facilitation dates in 2011, so now's the time to firm up commitments for staff or volunteer retreats or workshops, strategy sessions, etc. to ensure you get your preferred dates.  And based on inquiries, I've also opened my scheduling for 2012.

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