Leadership Limerick: Letting Go

Every Monday, I offer a leadership limerick, highlighting an idea or strategy about effective leadership in limerick form. Searching for leadership limerick will identify previous posts.
Imagine if everyone would
Just do what you think that they should

But on any given day
It won't work that way

So thinking it will does no good

I know.  It's frustrating when people don't do what we think they should.  It would be so much easier if they did, right?  But people do things for their own reasons, in their own timeframes, and on their own terms. Despire knowing his obvious fact, we still often spend a lot of energy lamenting its reality.

We need to spend more time understanding their perspectives, not judging their shortcomings.  So change your "if only they would …" into "if only I could … "
  • get a sense of what matters most to them
  • appreciate what they feel holds them back
  • gain insight into why these don't see what I propose as desirable
  • try on their worldview for this situation
Focus on shifting your own actions rather than imposing your will on others.  Changing ourselves often is the best first step to influence others.

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