Toward a More Sustainable You: Alternative Belief to Consider #2

Our beliefs and mental models deeply influence the choices we perceive available to us and the expectations we need to meet.  In a new workshop entitled Toward a More Sustainable You, I've been offering four of the current beliefs that I believe inhibit our effectiveness and four alternative beliefs that, if adopted and implemented, could lead to a personal and professional life that is robust, yet more sustainable.

Each Friday in June I explore one of these beliefs and its alternative.

Belief #2:
I can't pass up such a good opportunity.

Alternative Belief #2:
If I never say no, I can't be fully committed when I say yes.

Here is a truth I have come to accept: good people usually have more good opportunities available to them than they should rightfully accept.  Talent, commitment, dedication, and generosity lead to abundance, not scarcity.

This can be difficult to remember when a great opportunity comes to you at a less than ideal time.  "But if I say no now something like this may never come around again."  Perhaps.

But applying that logic also can lead to overcommitment.  None of us are capable of accepting every possibility that comes our way.  Only when we carefully consider the consequences of saying yes to a possible commitment can we more fully understand how it might affect the other obligations we already hold.

And if we never say no when opportunity comes knocking?  At some point we won't have the strength to get up and answer the door.  That just might be the time when the possibility truly is too good to pass up.  Saying no every now and then frees up your ability and energy to say yes and engage in the future.  Committing beneath your means, not exhausting your capacity for doing so, is the sustainable choice.

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