Using 3x5 to Accomplish More 9-5

Despite being a fairly early adopter of most technology tools, I'm pretty old school in a few ways.  Perhaps no better example exists than my use of a daily index card, a habit I picked up when I was state student council president back in the dark ages.

Each day, I fill one side of a fresh index card with my appointments and list of things to do.  I leave the other side blank for action items that come up during the course of the day, ideas I want to remember, and appointments or other commitments I make.

At day's end I take a few minutes to review the card and take the necessary actions (transferring the info to another place, moving appointments to my calendar, carrying over any unfinished tasks, etc.).

While I can do all of these things on my phone, I like the functionality of the index card.  It's always powered up and can be read in almost any light.  It's lightweight, portable, and easily accessible in my pocket.

But perhaps most important, the act of reflecting at day's end and then planning for the days ahead is a brief ritual that helps me make meaning of my efforts.


Kevin said...

Perfect idea for all of us ADHDers out there.

Michael Hudson said...

Great, practical, time-saving idea...too much information gets lost and too much time wasted trying to use technology to do things that can more easily and effectively be done without it when it comes to personal management and tracking!