Anyone Can: So Why Not You?

Anyone can …
  1. ask a question that reframes a conversation.
  2. offer encouraging feedback to a colleague.
  3. help ensure an organization is more inclusive.
  4. look for information to bring fresh insights to a challenge.
  5. say what everyone knows knows but is afraid to bring up.
  6. propose an experiment or little bet that might yield big rewards.
  7. clarify perspectives people hold during a contentious discussion.
  8. create a shortcut that makes routine work less time-consuming.
  9. clean out the office refrigerator.
  10. send handwritten thank you notes to hardworking volunteers.
  11. make sure newcomers feel welcome and supported.
  12. bring in a healthy snack for what will be a very long meeting.
  13. share a website, a link, an article, or other learning.
  14. remind people of what matters most in the moment. 
  15. do something small to boost everyone's morale.
  16. invite those just listening to share their insights and opinions.
  17. come up with a breakthrough idea that is a gamechanger.
  18. call attention to trends others aren't noticing.
  19. ask what's being learned from what's being attempted.
  20. suggest that maybe a stretch break is in order.
  21. raise the ethical implications of a decision being considered.
  22. offer a little humor to break the ice and re-energize a group.
  23. research a question that is holding back progress.
  24. look for inspiration in unexpected places.
  25. share a big dream that unleashes others' passion and energy.
Anyone can.  Perhaps you should.
What are you waiting for? Today would be the perfect day.


R. Scott Brunner, CAE said...

Does scotch count a a healthy snack?

Jeffrey Cufaude said...

Scott: It is not in my Midwestern upbringing to question what fine traditions those of you in the South may have for your gatherings. :)