Highlights of Recent Work

I'm careful to limit self-promotion with those of you kind enough to read my blog posts. But every so often pieces of my efforts appear in other places online, and I take a moment to share links in case they may be of interest.

Earlier this year I had the chance to be both the opening and closing keynote speaker for Goodwill Industries Spring Conference.  They've recently posted video highlights of those two talks (6 minutes each).

The first, Energizing the Enterprise, focuses on six core strategies any organization can use to energize its entire enterprise and help exemplify its mission while pursuing its vision.
  1. Effort aligned around the core 
  2. Effectiveness enhanced through intention 
  3. Empower with streamlined strategy 
  4. Engage diverse people and perspectives 
  5. Efficiency through process 
  6. Experiment to learn what works
The second offers some practical advice for how individuals attending a conference can go back and be a Learning Ambassador for their organization, someone who strategically shares their conference learning in a way that gains the interest, attention, and investment of their colleagues.  My remarks start at approximately 2 minutes and 50 seconds in this video.

Earlier this month, I attended the ASAE Annual Meeting and was a guest blogger on ASAE's Acronym blog.  My blog post focused on the heavy interest in the IGNITE sessions presented at the conference, the possible reasons for their huge appeal, and how those concepts can be applied to other learning experiences even if you aren't using the IGNITE format.

I also took on the challenge of doing another IGNITE talk, this one entitled Toward a More Sustainable You.  Video from that talk should be online in a few weeks and I'll share that link and the slides at that time.  Until then, you could amuse yourself (hopefully) form video of my last IGNITE talk at the 2011 Great Ideas Conference.  I donned priestly garb and delivered a sermon on why Failure Must Be an Option for innovation. For the 2012 conference, I'll be doing an IGNITE talk called Changing the Culture Begins with You.

I'm in the midst of a two-week reading and writing sabbatical which is bringing great clarity to how I am going to approach my work in 2012 and beyond.  I'll share more info about that direction early in the fall.  As for the rest of 2011, my capacity is just about maxed out, but I do still have room on my calendar in December (and some very limited November dates) for speaking, board or staff retreats, and the like.  Fees for 2012 work will increase November 1, so plan and schedule now to save more.

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