Leadership Limerick: Staying Alert

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Conditions can change fast on the ground
So you have to keep looking around

Decide what matters most to your plan
So you know best what to scan

Then adapt when new info is found

No plan can remain 100% static from its inception, whether it be the career path you've charted for yourself, your organization's multi-year strategy, or the route you're going to drive for a Labor Day Weekend getaway.

Too often though we work so hard deciding what to do and how to do it that we forget the importance of being ready to make modifications as events unfold and conditions change.

Any plans we make are based on current conditions and a set of assumptions about the future.  It's wise to clearly document the ones that matter most, to monitor them as you execute the plan you've created, and to make the appropriate adjustments as you notice things changing around you.

Obvious?  Perhaps.  But for some, modification or deviation from the plan is not something they think of naturally.  Help build their capacity for doing so by focusing on the issue when your choices are being made on the front-end, not when adaptation is required in real-time.

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