A Takeaway on What You're Giving Away

Some organizations give away their content,
hoping it will get you to join their community.

Some organizations give access to their community,
hoping you will then purchase their content.

Either could work, but doing both at the same time rarely will.

And it may very well be that neither your content nor your community as separate items is where your real value can be found.

Rather it may be in the conversation your community has about your content and the new content that is created as a result.  I wouldn't advise giving that away.

What do you think is most valuable and why?


Dave Lutz said...

Jeff, I like the idea of teasing them with a mix of the two. One way an association can do this is to have an open Facebook or LinkedIn group and to tease non-members with content, conversation and connection that's happening in the members only areas. Prospects value both connections and content. It's best to tease them with a taste of each on a regular basis.

Jeffrey Cufaude said...

I like your suggestion of teasing with a strategic mix of the two. It's an intentional content and community curation role that could actually be a good summary for folks who are already members, but not as involved in some of the community conversations.