September 6, 2011

Searching for Hidden Damage

After the recent Washington, DC area earthquake, local and federal officials announced they would examine key infrastructure (bridges, train tracks, et al) and public structures like the Washington Monument for signs of hidden damage that needed repair.

In everyday life, we often experience individual or organizational earthquakes, unexpected incidents small and large that send tremors through our system.  It could be downsizing at work that requires us to take on more responsibility, or a major unexpected home repair forcing us to rethink our short-term finances.

But how often do we search for hidden damage?  Doing so is as simple as checking in with a friend to see if she is managing things OK, or as structured as scheduling team meetings to reconsider work flow and project management shifts that may need to occur.

Minor cracks over time give way to major fault lines.  We can prevent that by remaining connected at the interpersonal level and remembering that the naked eye often cannot see all damage at first glance.

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