Leadership Limerick: Leave No Media Behind

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Will they think it’s a trick or a treat?
When info comes only via Tweet

For some Twitter is fine
For others it's a bad sign

Balance both to avoid a defeat

We know one size doesn't fit all, nor does one medium effectively manage every message.  For some, Twitter currently holds a position of little value for them.  They just don't get it, and rightly or wrongly, have little interest in learning of its benefits or experimenting with its value.

Organizations rapidly embracing Twitter for member engagement, real-time updates, or customer service need to be careful of not moving all of the corresponding support and messages to this medium unless they are OK with potentially alienating people who prefer other options.

Message repetition across multiple media forms is nothing new.  We've done it before and will likely do it again.  A thoughtful and deliberate strategy to support members and customers via their preferred communication approach is almost always required.

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