Achieve Resolution; Don't Just Make Them

One of my degrees is in English, so language has a way of getting stuck inside my head.  At this time of year, it naturally turns to the word resolution.

While others around the blogosphere and in print media offer tips on how to craft better resolutions, I'm more fixated on having resolve and achieving resolution.

I'm fairly confident that each of us has in our personal or professional lives some languishing intention, something we've been meaning to get around to doing.  Or perhaps it is some conversation or conflict we've been avoiding for some time.  The fact that we haven't yet taken action may mean it's a low priority or one we don't really care about, or it could reflect that we haven't been resolute enough in achieving closure.

It's like the shirt you mean to wear more often, but still it hangs in your closet.  At some point, we either start wearing it or off it goes to Goodwill.

Maybe the best gift we could give ourselves with a new year starting is to clean out our closets (real or metaphorical) of the good intentions we hang on to, but never seem to act on.  Discover what you require to be resolute about bringing them to closure, or once and for all achieve resolution by simply letting them go or passing them on to others who might find them useful.

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