Leadership Limerick: Gratitude, Not Platitude

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It’s the time of the year filled with gratitude
Which should be a more regular attitude

When your appreciation is specific
The response will be more terrific

So always offer more than a platitude

We often say it is "the thought that counts."  During the months of November and December when so many holiday cards and gifts are exchanged, it's important to remember their true purpose: reconnecting, reaffirming, and renewing the relationships we value.

image: myexpression.com
The feedback and appreciation that counts the most is as thoughtful, specific, and personal as possible, not something generic or general.  An attitude of gratitude is best invested in expressions that are sincere and heartfelt, a statement about the relationship(s) involved.  That can be tough if your list of people is long and the hours in the day are not.  So we need to be even more intentional when trying to communicate with the masses.  

Never let the quantity of those on your list impede the quality of your message to them.  With a little creativity and planning you can still say thanks or offer praise in ways that feel individualized, not impersonal.

Update 12/12 afternoon

After publishing my post, I read a great Inc. magazine column from Jason Fired (of 37signals) on Rethinking the Holiday Bonus.  It's a great tie-in to what I was saying. 

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