I Won't Be Changing the World in 2012

The question posed to me was this:  
How are you going to change the world in 2012? 

My answer?
I’m not.

Before you shake your head in shame or run off to the eye doctor to see if you need a new prescription, let me explain.

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Maddie Grant, co-author with Jamie Notter of a wonderful book, Humanize (you are reading it, aren’t you) picked this question up from this post by Craig Newmark, founder of Craig’s List.  After responding to Craig’s question she then tagged a whole bunch of us to respond as well.

So back to why I’m not going to change the world in 2012.  I imagine some people find this question very inspiring or motivating. For others it might be daunting or overwhelming.  Regardless of where you fall on that continuum, you have some thing in common with everyone else on it: you care.

You care about some people.
You care about some issues.
You care about some communities.
You care about some opportunities.

I’m soon going to be sharing how I am refocusing my work to address the professional issues I most care about, but I can tell you this now:  The way I plan on changing the world in 2012?  By amplifying how I help others:
  1. gain clarity about what they most care about right now;
  2. identify the contribution they most want to make right now, and 
  3. do what's necessary to get in action right now.
It's about identifying the inspiration. Putting in the perspiration. And trying to avoid acting out of desperation.

And you know what?  By making a contribution to what they care most about all of those people will help change their worlds.  And some of them might—just might—end up changing the world.