What Informs Your Efforts?

Seeing Indianapolis ready for its prime time appearance this week as host of Super Bowl XLVI is exciting to someone who has called downtown Indy home for more than 18 years.

In reading this weekend about how the host committee leadership approached planning for the event, one specific aspect of their approach really impressed me.

Naturally they drew on previous Super Bowls, but they also turned to a less obvious event, one that ultimately shaped many of their decisions: the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City

The Super Bowl in Indy probably has as much (maybe even more) in common with a Winter Olympics as it does a Super Bowl in a warm and sunny climate.  And the amazing lineup of concerts and other events in our Super Bowl Village echo the fan activity in an Olympic Village.

So the next time you're working on a major program or product, cast a wider net for inspiration, insight, and innovative possibilities. Instead of merely improving on the next iteration of a longstanding tradition, you may just set a new standard for the future.

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David M. Patt, CAE said...

Good point, Jeffrey. As part of that, be sure to keep your audiences aware of preparations that impact them.

When driving to a speaking gig in Indianapolis, I was delayed by road construction, which I later learned was part of Super Bowl prep.

Fortunately, I had left early so I'd have time to deal with any unexpected problems.