Using Stories to Advance Your Strategy: Quotes and Questions

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“Human beings are naturally predisposed to hear, remember, and tell stories. The problem—for teachers, parents, government leaders, friends, and computers—is to have more interesting stories to tell. —Roger Schank, Tell Me A Story 
What’s interesting about your organization’s story?  What might your members or customers find most interesting, but it isn't yet a part of your organization's story?  Why not?
“It is not the job of future generations to make sense of our lives from the remnants of the marketplace, scrap snapshots, refurbished heirlooms, electronic bits of bits. Only we can make of it all a song of self, a story with the power of myth, to leave somewhere the best of what we were and what we learned.” —Tristine Rainer, Your Life As a Story 
• Which stories have the power of myth in your organization?
• Do they tell the tale you would like to have heard?
• What would a newcomer to your organization (member or staff) learn about your organization from the stories that are being told?
“Communities are not built through intention, but through the interweaving of shared experience. We do not make communities, rather we provide the appropriate environment for people to discover what is most important about themselves by discovering what they care most profoundly about in others.” —Center for Digital Storytelling
Based on the stories being told in (or about) your organization, what must people care most profoundly about?
“The one who tells the stories rules the world.” —Hopi proverb
• Who are the storytellers in your organization? How well are they fulfilling their role?
• Who are the unofficial storytellers whose tales are listened to widely? What implications does that have for your organization?

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kevin finke said...

thanks for sharing, jeff. you know me...i love any story about stories!

in fact, i thought of you this morning when i discovered a new company called smith magazine. you should definitely check them out at! i personally love their idea of the "six-word story". i signed up for their newsletter today, along with their tweets and facebook page.