Refreshing Opportunities

As the temperatures climb, people's thoughts turn to refreshing beverages.  

You know: the ones you sip and the say "Ah, that hits the spot."

You know what else hits the spot? 
  • Refreshing relationships that have gone dormant.  
  • Refreshing my understanding of things learned long ago.
  • Refreshing an awareness of the emerging challenges and opportunities for one's profession.
  • Refreshing your knowledge of the current realities others are experiencing.
  • Refreshing one's capacity for trying new things, taking risks, and challenging boundaries.
  • Refreshing a commitment to your personal path.
  • Refreshing your contribution to advancing your community.
  • Refreshing the skillset needed to meet current demands.
  • Refreshing your personal health and well-being.
If more associations intentionally integrated these opportunities and facilitated members experiencing them in community with others, I'm pretty sure the universal response would be a simple one.

How refreshing. 

What opportunities would you find refreshing if one of your community or professional organizations offered them?

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