The Wooden Hanger Theory of Productivity and Satisfaction

$50 of wooden hangers from Target.

That's all it took to totally change the look and feel of my closet, and how I feel every day when I look at my clothing options.

Putting everything on the same kind of hanger is a common designer trick as it provides order to what once looked chaotic.  Designers also like to organize books on shelves by color which seems totally wrong to me, but I get their intention.

After hanging everything on the same kind of hanger, the clothes seemed to ask me to then group them by type and color ... which took all of about 20 minutes.  Hmm.  Guess I need to shut up about that designer book organizing.

50 bucks and about 60 minutes of work has totally changed how I experience the daily mundane act of getting dressed.

Our personal and professional lives are filled with clutter.  That visual mayhem gradually takes its toll on our productivity and satisfaction.

Order begets order.  Once you've created a place for everything you want to keep putting everything in its place.  The order we need to create is the order that works for us.  What one finds orderly, another finds messy.  Universal order is a fool's pursuit.

So do follow Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and by all means, learn about Getting Things Done from David Allen. But maybe ... just maybe ... the first change you want to make to enhance your personal and productivity may be a much simpler one.

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