Let's Get Personal

So many of the communications I receive are still one to many, that is, mass messaging.

 If it really is the thought that counts, those messages count for very little.

In our tech-driven world, I'm increasingly appreciative of people who bring their personality into our electronic interactions and bring their whole person (and stay present) to our face-to-face exchanges.

Messages and mailings can be commoditized. Authentic interactions can't. Take a look at your communications … the images, the language, the rhythm of the writing, the voice behind the narrative. Would they still be identifiable as yours if your name and logo were removed?

Who we are as human beings can't be replicated (yet), so we should bring more of who we are into what we do and how we communicate and interact with others … and create more space for others to do the same.

Meaning relationships are rarely produced en masse.

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