My 12 Most Popular Posts of 2012

The end of every year always brings a glut of "best of" lists for just about every topic imaginable.  Since best is relative to your evaluation criteria, I often find myself out of sync with others' choices.

That isn't necessarily the case though with the 12 links below.  These were the blog posts that attracted the most page views during 2012, and while a few surprised me, I'm generally in agreement.

Ranking by page view popularity though is a tad unfair.  In a case of the rich getting richer (or the popular getting more popular) my site always displays the five most popular posts for the year which only enables them to attract further views from curious visitors.

That being said, here are my 12 musings (randomly organized) that captured toe most interest and attention.

All Learning is Self-Directed: link
Conferences Aren't Serious About Networking Unless ...: link
A Dozen Favorite Quotes About Community: link
Making Sponsorship Special Again: link
Beware of Binders Becoming Blinders: link 
15 Key Considerations for 2013 Conferences: link
Quotes about Change, Resilience, and Transition: link
10 Tips for Engaging a Volunteer Community: link
Go Boldly: A Personal Learning Manifesto: link
Ideological Control, Operational Autonomy: link
Flipped Volunteering: The Better Way to Invite and Engage: link
12 Simple Ways to Unleash Creative Thinking: link
Seven Beliefs We Need in the Workplace: link 

Key takeaways: quotes are always a hit and posts titled # ways to ____ capture a lot of eyeballs (and retweets).

Thanks for reading and here's to a new year filled with fresh thinking and new insights for (and from) all of us.

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