Go Ahead. Be An Enabler.

I've written before about Kurt Lewin's framework that behavior is a function of people interacting with their environment.

Most people when setting New Year's Resolutions write commitments about the behaviors they plan on engaging in more regularly or goals they hope to achieve as a result of changes in their behavior.

I did something much simpler: I changed my environment to enable better choice-making.  On my kitchen counter, now readily available 24/7, is a bowl of fruit and almonds.  My snacking habits changed immediately.
  • What change can you make in your own environment to enable you to achieve the resolutions you set?
  • What change can your organization make in the environment of its customers, members, or stakeholders to make it easier for them to engage in desirable behaviors? See one example here.
  • What change can you make in how you interact with others to enable them to bring more of themselves into your relationship or your organization's efforts?
Enabling gets a bad rap as only a negative activity when in reality we can enable both negative or positive behaviors.

So go ahead, become an enabler ... of yourself, of your friends, of your colleagues, of those you serve.

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