June 23, 2013

After 18250 days, it's time for a change

Note: this is one of those very infrequent professional and personal updates that I publish on this blog.  Regular content returns with the next post.

Saturday marked my 18, 250th day on this planet (you do the math).  And once again, Meryl Streep failed to send greetings on our shared birthday.  Where are her manners?

Just as our car requires scheduled maintenance whenever its odometer hits significant mileage thresholds, so do our personal and professional lives.  I’m in the midst of a week-long personal retreat to look under my hood and see what needs repair or replacement.

Doing so has already revealed a truth that has been unfolding for some time.  Almost 20 years of intense work travel has taken its toll on my physical and emotional well-being.  My body no longer recovers as well as it once did from its 6'6" frame being crammed into a regional jet window seat, nor does my spirit rebound with the same intensity.

So beginning in 2014, I’ll limit myself to 15 annual speaking or facilitation engagements (four are already taken), a significant drop from my typical schedule of about 40-50 offerings.  I’ll favor invitations for:
  • Conference keynotes (I always include a breakout or two with every keynote opp.)
  • Full-day or half-day workshops or retreats
  • Teaching facilitation and/or workshop design and presentation skills
  • Leadership-learning experiences for future leaders or volunteers
  • Week-long residencies working alongside your staff to complete a customized schedule of training, project advancement, and other consulting efforts
In addition to the completely custom general session presentations I've always delivered, I’m excited to share new keynotes that I’ve refined in 2013 presentations (titles and content are customizable):
  • You Can’t Mean Yes If You Never Say No (on balance, priorities, and decision-making)
  • Making a Difference in a World that Seems Different (the leadership that matters most now)
  • Life's a Great Teacher; Are You a Great Student? (cultivating lifelong learning habits for lives that are longer)
  • Innovation as an Everyday Activity (building innovation capabilities and integrating them into all of our efforts)
As far as strategy facilitation, I’ll support those efforts that focus on strategic conversations, design thinking, and action planning around a critical issue or opportunity, but not the traditional comprehensive strategic planning events that too often produce unsatisfactory results.

To complement this limited menu of face-to-face opportunities, I will offer two new services:

Turn-key Leadership Conference Curriculum and Facilitator Support

For less than the cost of a 2nd or 3rd tier conference keynoter, I'll provide everything you need to have your staff and volunteers present a dynamic, highly interactive one-day leadership and learning experience including content outlines, handouts, slides, as well as facilitator support including a detailed facilitator’s guide, training webinars, and optional in-person training.

Virtual Leadership and Learning Series

Four quarterly webinars (or Twitter chats) on topics you select from a menu of options, each coupled with an attractive PDF guide that include additional content and an annotated bibliography of key resources.


This revised scope of work allows me more time to read, reflect, and write ... three things critical to making progress on the book manuscript I hope to complete in the next 18 months.

Do let me know if any of these opportunities match your needs for 2014.       
With only 13 slots remaining, getting on my schedule soon would be advisable.

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