What If Everyone Could Facilitate?

In far too many organizations, facilitation is still seen as something an external consultant or internal manager or leader does instead of a core capacity and contribution that everyone should be capable and confident of making.

I want to change that.

When more people see themselves as capable of being facilitative—whether they are the designated leader of a meeting or conference call or simply contributing as a participant—better results become possible.

I have been teaching others how to facilitate for most of my professional career.  But the number of groups who can bring me in to do such trainings has always been limited by both their budget and my time.  No more.

I've created a Facilitation Fundamentals Training Resource Kit that contains content outlines,
slides, and handout originals for 21 individual content segments.  You can mix and match them in any combination to create your own workshops and training sessions of various lengths.

The content I selected is essential to the work of facilitation.  The formats and exercises I outlined are ones I have honed in dozens of presentations with learners from diverse professions and industries.  In short, the content works and it is what people benefit from learning. 

If you want to enable more people in your organization to see themselves as facilitators and to take greater ownership over the quality of discussions and decisions, I invite you to examine this three-page PDF highlighting:
  1. the 21 content segments in the kit
  2. a sample outline for one segment
  3. sample segment combinations for workshops of various lengths
The complete kit, including a one-hour virtual consultation, is $695, less than the cost of what many organizations charge for a one-day facilitation skills workshop.  You can customize your order and add an additional consultation hour and/or have me present a half-day or full-day in person training using materials from the kit.

If you know you are ready to build the facilitation capacity in your organization, you can place your order here. You will be invoiced following purchase and the materials will be provided once payment is received.

P.S.  I detest blatant self-promotion and rarely use this blog to make offers like this.  Regular topical posts resume immediately.

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