Water Your Ideas Like a Garden

I remember when I got my first house and I would dash outside in the evening and do a quick spray from the hose on all the plants and flowers, thinking I had sufficiently watered them to withstand the summer heat.  I hadn't.

Garden enough and you quickly learn the value of slow, steady watering.  The moisture reaches deep to plants' roots as it slowly seeps through the soil.  Instead of spraying the water down on top of the plants, you use soaking hoses that lay right on top of the soil.  It takes longer, but it is more effective.

Nurturing sustainable and genuine commitment to ideas, instead of mere short-term compliance, requires the same approach.  

Instead of selling ideas with a superficial or surface-level appeal from a podium speech, get down in the dirt and connect your thoughts to the roots of the people who will be most affected and your organization's mission, vision, and core values.  It takes longer, but it, too, is more effective.

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