Pre-Qualifying Volunteers

Smart homebuyers know it pays to get pre-qualified or pre-approved for a mortgage.  It can fast track the purchase process.

Employers often "pre-qualify" full-time hires by involving them first as interns or part-time employees.

The time has come for any organization using volunteers to pre-qualify them with self-guided virtual tutorials they can take to amass the basic information required for effective involvement.  After successfully completing a simple online self-assessment their knowledge and readiness can be officially certified; their names added to the pool of available talent; and their skills, interests, and availability captured in a searchable database to facilitate matching them with current and future opportunities..

In addition, organizations would be wise to assess whether the existing pathways to officer positions or board service are necessary prerequisites or simply time-honored traditions that have hardened into "the way it has to be done."  Committee service may or may not be an effective training ground for a board member.  Great vice-presidents don't always have the right skills for serving as president.

The bottom line? 
Organizations should build the systems and infrastructure that accelerate the identification, orientation, and engagement of as many volunteers as possible.

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