Three Questions For a More Sustainable You

She's no longer at the right place. She's no longer in the right profession. And so she's looking for what's next. That is what I learned in a colleague's email.  And she asked for advice.

You could amass quite the collection of books on finding purpose in your life, career planning, and the like. I've read many of them, and many are quite good.

Rather than a book, I offered these three fundamental questions for her to consider and answer on her own, hoping they would help her clarify her own intentions and aspirations:
  1. How do you define a meaningful life?
  2. What resources does this definition require?
  3. How can you attain and sustain those resources?
While what do you want to be when you grow up? is the more common question, it is incomplete, focusing only on the work aspect of our overall life.  Essentially we need to start broader and then slowly narrow.

Recalibrating the meaning we seek and the means it requires will no doubt occur many times over our lives.  

We don't want to live beneath our possible meaning, nor do we want to live beyond our means.  Neither are sustainable.

The opportunity for each of us is to craft a life filled with meaning that only requires means we can sustain

This is an update of an earlier post.

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