Organizations and Meaning-Making: A Prediction

In their book, a simpler way, Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers shared a concise, but compelling proposition: “Life accepts only partners, not bosses.”

While I believe this statement has been true since the beginning of time, I predict that a rapidly growing number of individuals and organizations will embrace it and operationalize it.

Our memberships and communities are increasingly diverse in needs, aspirations, and perspectives. The challenge and opportunities we face are increasingly complex.  Both of these realities require—not just invite—us to become better partners with each other, not bosses over each other. 

Human beings are meaning-seeking creatures.  While we all have moments where we just want to be told what to do, we more often are internally motivation by a passionate purpose we believe in or a cause we care deeply enough about to champion.  To try and achieve amazing things with amazing people … what could be more motivating than that?

If we can finally accept that the best way to control our destiny is to co-create it in real-time and with real relationships characterized by authentic and open being with each other … and if organizations will finally accept that the best way to realize their missions and visions is to do more with their members instead of doing things to their members, 2019 may just be a year for the record books.

The critical question:
How might you and the organizations with which you affiliate make it easier for people to connect and create with each other?

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