My Work

Each year, I do a limited number of retreats, workshops, and keynotes ... typically no more than 10 in-person engagements.  While I custom-design learning experiences on a wide range of program topics and formats, I tend to favor requests for the following opportunities:

Frequently Requested Keynotes/General Sessions (various lengths for each topic)
• Say Yes Less: Why It Matters and How to Do It
• Life's a Great Teacher: Are You a Great Learner? (Here is video of a 25-minute version done at a previous conference). 
• Thriving in the New Normal: How to Innovate in a World of Constant Change
• Creating a Culture of Commitment

Download a PDF with more information for each of these keynotes 

Facilitation and/or Workshop Design Training (more info and options)
Custom-designed half-day or full-day sessions.  
You may co-host with one or more organizations to share costs.  

Comprehensive Leadership Development Conferences (full-day or longer)
Highly engaging leadership learning experiences, either as a freestanding event or as part of other professional development experiences such as an Annual Meeting. 

Creative Consultation
Virtual or in-person consultation focused on either:
• accelerating progress on a single strategic issue or question; or 
• designing or redesigning a specific event (workshop, conference, board orientation, et al).

Content/Curriculum Development
Facilitator outlines, slides, and handout originals for workshops or conferences of various lengths and topics. Custom-designed or license available for existing materials.

Conference Learning Catalyst
Lead an opening segment to build the learning community, a closing segment focused on transfer and application of knowledge gained, design informal learning experiences to be available as desired, and facilitate short segments throughout the conference that engage attendees in conversations to deepen their connections to the content, the community, and their commitment to learning and leadership. 

Engaging articles with practical sidebars on a variety of leadership and organizational development topics. 

To contact me regarding your needs, please complete this online form.