Facilitation Training

Facilitation is a critical leadership capability and a highly desirable life skill.

Whether you are the designated leader or one of the participants in a meeting or planning session you can make facilitative contributions that help advance a group’s progress. 

Effective facilitation can help groups and organizations better frame discussions, explore issues and opportunities more productively, consider diverse perspectives to make more informed decisions, and create implementation plans that sustain enthusiasm and commitment.

To help prepare staff or board members, as well as volunteers, develop their confidence and competence in facilitative leadership, I offer a variety of professional development opportunities.  Below are several options I frequently address and the typical content for each session.  Content is customized for participant needs whenever possible, often based on responses to a pre-program survey of all who will attend. 
The sessions below are a representative sample, not a comprehensive list of what is possible.  To schedule any of the following options or to inquire more, please complete this simple form.

Fundamentals of Effective Facilitation
(60-90 minutes)

o     Facilitation lessons learned from participants’ experiences
o     Core principles for effective facilitation
o     Effective and ineffective facilitation practices
o     Deciding when and how to intervene as a facilitator
o     How to handle common group dynamics (90 min only)

While in-person learning is most desirable for this topic, this fundamental content can effectively be addressed in a webinar format.  With many groups, I have it helpful to have the webinar in two parts with participants practicing the skills explored in part one and then coming back for a follow-up webinar with questions and to explore additional content.

The Art of Facilitation:
How to Maximize Individual Contributions and Enhance Results
(half-day and full-day formats)

A half-day session typically includes everything covered in the Fundamental of Effective Facilitation, as well as learner-appropriate topics drawn from the list below:

o     Problem-solving and how to handle more challenging situations
o     Key environment and learner considerations
o     Hands-on facilitation practice
o     Facilitation considerations for specific session types
o     Advanced principles, tools, and techniques
o     Pre-work and follow-up

Coaching/Consultation Calls

Sometimes resources or scheduling do not allow you to bring in an external resource to facilitate, but you would benefit from an experienced facilitator’s thoughts about how to design and self-facilitate the session most effectively.  To support individuals in this situation, I offer one-hour coaching/consultation calls.  You email me an outline of the session and relevant information about its goals and participants, as well as the specific questions you have.  I review that information, prepare some written responses, and we explore my thoughts in a collaborative call.

Train-the-Trainer Materials

One of my goals is to dramatically increase the number of staff and volunteers in organizations who participants in some form of facilitation skills development.

Whenever I lead a facilitation skills training program, for an additional nominal fee the sponsoring organization can receive a lifetime license for the handouts, slides, and facilitator outlines for the same content so long as those materials will not be used for revenue producing activities.  The license allows you to do complimentary training for any audience, but it does not allow you to use the materials when a registration fee is involved.

Advanced Facilitative Leadership Training

Periodically I have the opportunity to design and facilitate deep dive expended sessions for experienced facilitators.  These sessions range from a half-day to three days in length, usually involve more extensive pre-work, and content is almost always 100% customized based on the learning outcomes provided and the needs and interests of those who will participate.