How I Select Work

I value transparency, so below I offer the key factors I consider when determining whether or not to accept a speaking, facilitating, or consulting invitation once it is clear the basic logistics (date and time, location, facilities, budget, et al) work.

Will the opportunity leverage my strengths and current interests?  In other words, am I appropriately qualified and is it likely that I will produce great work?

Do the initial inquiry and subsequent communications and conversations with the prospect suggest that 
  1. the organization and my key contact will be a good partner/collaborator, 
  2. my time and contributions will be appropriately respected, and 
  3. the work I am considering will lead to meaningful progress?
Is my general personality and approach to the work a good fit with the organizations culture and do my values align with the organizations mission and vision?

Will the work challenge me in interesting ways and/or will I learn something new or special from doing it?

Is this an opportunity to do interesting work with interesting people?

Will interacting with the client and doing the work be fun … or at least not mind-numbingly painful?

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