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Each year, I do a limited number of retreats, workshops, and keynotes, typically 10-12.  While I custom design learning experiences on a wide range of program topics and formats, but I tend to favor requests for the following opportunities:

Frequently Requested Keynotes/General Sessions (various lengths for each topic)
• Say Yes Less: Why It Matters and How to Do It
• Life's a Great Teacher: Are You a Great Learner? (Here is video of a 25-minute version done at a previous conference). 
• Thriving in the New Normal: How to Innovate in a World of Constant Change
• Creating a Culture of Commitment

Download a PDF with more information for each of these keynotes 

Facilitation and/or Workshop Design Training (more info and options)
Custom-designed half-day or full-day sessions.  
You may co-host with one or more organizations to share costs.  

Comprehensive Leadership Development Conferences (full-day or longer)
Highly engaging leadership learning experiences, either as a freestanding event or as part of other professional development experiences such as an Annual Meeting. 

Creative Consultation
Virtual or in-person consultation focused on either:
• accelerating progress on a single strategic issue or question; or 
• designing or redesigning a specific event (workshop, conference, board orientation, et al).

Content/Curriculum Development
Facilitator outlines, slides, and handout originals for workshops or conferences of various lengths and topics. Custom-designed or license available for existing materials.

Engaging articles with practical sidebars on a variety of leadership and organizational development topics. 

To contact me regarding your needs, please complete this online form.

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