Meet Me


Hi, I'm Jeffrey Cufaude.  

I was an early reader as you can tell and that's how I am spending much of my times nowadays while on an extended sabbatical: reading, thinking, exploring, and writing around a handful of core questions I've wrestled with much of the past 20 years:
  • Saying yes less is the only sustainable choice for both individuals and organizations, but seems incredibly difficult for either to do so. What would change that?
  • Is it possible to have (and what might become possible it we had) rising tide leadership that engages individual talents for a greater good while sufficiently engaging their potential self-interest and competitive drive?
  • What are the fundamental tools and techniques that will help anyone present better and move from delivering content to facilitating connection and conversations?
  • Why do so many boards seem to be so ineffective despite all the training, resources, and support so readily available?
  • Fundraisers and philanthropists have been talking about the huge transfer of wealth beginning to occur as Baby Boomers retire, but what about the transfer of expertise, wisdom, and insight? Few seem to be talking about it.
  • Honesty in individual and team relationships is too often still seen as risky. But the real risk is when we make decisions based on incomplete information because people fear speaking their truth.  How do we create more open and honest relationships where ongoing feedback is seen as normal and is welcomed wholeheartedly.
I believe deeply that the communities of which we are part are resource-full, but we must become more resourceful in how we invite and engage individuals to be caring contributors. My past experience as executive director of two national associations and as a student affairs staff member at two large public universities has informed much of my subsequent career as a facilitator, strategist, consultant, and speaker.

Professional involvement has always been important to me. I twice served on the Indiana Society of Association Executives Board of Directors (ISAE), and was honored as the ISAE Meeting Planner of the Year.  I have contributed in a variety of capacities with ASAE (American Society of Association Executives), most recently on ASAE’s Innovation Task Force where I spearheaded the global InnovationTalks initiative.  

Contributing professionally through writing and speaking are both personal passions and professional commitments. For 10 years I had the privilege of designing and facilitating ASAE’s Future Leaders Conference, one of the organization’s flagship leadership experiences. And I’ve done dozens (and dozens) of presentations at professional conferences over the years.  

Throughout my career I have regularly contributed feature articles on leadership and organizational development issues to a variety of national association publications. From 2004-2011, I wrote monthly about enhancing community and learning in workshops and conferences as a Contributing Columnist for the Professional Convention Management Association's Convene magazine.

I spoke on lifelong learning at the 2012 TEDx Indianapolis conference and was a co-producer of TEDxIndianapolis in 2013.

Other factoids

Myers-Briggs: ENTJ (low on the E and T) 
Gallup StrengthsFinder: Strategic, Learner, Maximizer, Responsibility, Futuristic
DiSC Personal Profile Classical Pattern: usually either Promoter, Persuader, or Inspirational
Standard coffeehouse order: large nonfat latte with an extra shot or a dark roast Aeropress