If you seek consistent high quality programming throughout the year or short-term immersive consulting, training, and project support, a residency may be the best option.

Each year, I accept up to two residencies.  Residencies can occur in one of two forms:

  • periodic, four one-day engagements (up to 7 hours work/content maximum each day) at four scheduled intervals/events throughout the year such as quarterly or two two-day engagements (up to 7 hours work/content each day) at scheduled intervals throughout the year.
  • immersive, scheduled for one or two weeks consecutively

Common periodic residencies include: (1) working with a board, staff, or volunteer group over multiple meetings throughout a year, or (2) presenting keynotes and/or workshops over a sequence of meetings throughout a year.

An immersive residency is scheduled for one or two consecutive weeks and brings me “in house” to your location.  Immersive residencies usually include a custom mix of staff training, project work, consulting, and informal interaction.

Your investment for a periodic residency (up to four 7-hour days of work spaced throughout a calendar year) is $10,000 plus all expenses, a 50 percent reduction from the fee for contracting four isolated days.

Your investment for an immersive residency is $10,000 for each consecutive five 7-hour business days scheduled plus expenses, a 60 percent reduction from the fee for contracting five isolated days.

To express interest in a residency, please complete this form.