I regularly custom-design and lead webinars when the content and learning outcomes suit the format.  Not all topics can be addressed well in online learning and not all learners value the format.

My goal is always to create a compelling learning experience, one that engages participants in active participation by using pre-webinar communications to socialize them to the content and the learning experience, as well as solicit their needs and questions, and during the webinar through purposeful use of polling, chat, presenter Q&A, and other formats.

If you have ever noticed that your webinar audience shows up about 5 minutes after the designated start time, you are not alone.  In general I prefer webinars that start at :05 or :35 to allow people adequate transition time from their previous commitments.  I also suggest limiting webinars to 30-45 minutes to maximize attention.  

A "flipped webinar" format also can be effective for maximizing the live airtime.  With this format we pre-record some or all of the content to be presented and learners watch it at their leisure prior to a live online discussion occurring.

Topics for which I have presented webinars include:
  • Say Yes Less: Why It Matters and How To Do It (personal emphasis)
  • The Best Associations Say No
  • Designing Engaging Learning Experiences (great for volunteer SMEs)
  • Accelerating Learning and Community at Conferences
  • Facilitation Fundamentals
  • Creating a More Future-Proof Organization 
  • Refreshing the Volunteer Experience
  • Making the Most of Chapter Programs
  • Advancing More By Retreating Better
  • Effective Leadership: What Matters Most Now
  • The Leader as Storyteller: Three Critical Contributions
This list is a representative sample, and I am happy to consider requests for other topics.

Your investment including my input into the marketing, communications with registrants, evaluation, and follow-up is typically $1000.00.  This fee reflects the minimum of 3-5 hours involved in design and advance prep, as well as the rehearsal and actual presentation time. You also host the webinar on the platform of your choice and manage all marketing and registration.

I also have created webinar series on a coordinated set of topics relevant to a specific audience: board members, other volunteers, speakers and facilitators, et al.  Your investment per webinar in a series of this nature is less than the $1000.00 individual session fee and depends on the total number of webinars included and the associated prep time for each.

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