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People often ask me if I am still speaking, facilitating, or taking on other work.  

Yes. No. Maybe?

I'm on permanent sabbatical, a time of transition between my full-time career and retirement.

After leaving higher education and association management to strike out on my own, for more than 20 years I've done many things for many people and organizations: keynotes and workshop presentations, conference design and facilitation, strategy consultation, staff and board retreats, and much more. 

Right now I am most interested in doing things mainly for myself, primarily writing and some content development around facilitation and learning experience design. Some of it may be made public at some point. Some of it may even be made available for purchase. I have no idea.

But, I do still like to contribute to others' efforts when our interests align, and I feel a creative energy for the opportunity presented. 

It comes down to this: there's no harm in asking. I'm generally more keen to say yes to:
  1. Consultation calls and project work
  2. Developing workshop or conference curriculum and materials for others to use (outlines, slides, handouts, et al)
  3. Teaching facilitation and learning experience design
  4. My Say Yes Less: Why It Matters and How to Do It keynote
Odds also swing in your favor if:
  • we've successfully worked together in the past;
  • I'm uniquely qualified or especially passionate about the opportunity;
  • I'll learn and grow from the experience; and/or
  • the event is in a location I like to visit.
So if this hasn't scared you off lol, complete this online form to contact me.