Consultation Hours/Calls

Special offer now through July 1, 2020
Purchase a package of 10 consultation hours
(good through June 30, 2021)
for $2500, a minimum $500 savings.

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective, a sounding board, a strategic thinking partner, or a little coaching on a situation.  I often provide exactly this in a one-hour telephone consultation. 
The process is simple. 

You email me in detail the issue for which you are seeking consultation along with the specific questions you would like to discuss and possible dates and times for the consultation call.

During the call I offer specific ideas and thoughts I have prepared in response to each of your questions.  In some cases, I may send you additional resources to consider after the call.

Calls are usually one-on-one, but in some cases have been between me and a few individuals or even a committee or task force. 

Recent consultations have included the following topics:

  • Making staff meetings more productive and enjoyable
  • Creating a professional development program for senior staff
  • Improving Newcomers Orientation for an annual conference
  • Planning a more effective board member orientation
  • Redesigning a conference presentation to make it more interactive
  • Identifying possible community-building activities for a leadership retreat
  • Exploring options for handling challenging group dynamics on a team

Your investment for a telephone consultation is either $300 or $500 depending on the complexity of your issue and the amount of prep time I will need to meet your needs.

Consultation hours/credits can also be applied to project work you commission me to do.  The hours to be billed/credits to be used are always agreed to in advance of the work commencing ... no surprise costs!

To schedule or inquire more about a consultation, please complete this form.